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Relax and Renew with these sparkling tips to reduce stress and lead a "jewel" of a life!

Spa Jewel: A great way to reduce stress -  Rub your neck and shoulders. Better still, get a massage or some Reflexology!

Spa Jewel: Believe in yourself! As Oscar Wilde said "Be yourself, everyone else is taken."

Spa Jewel: Stressed out? Listen to relaxing music. Chopin can be very relaxing or check out a music channel on cable.

Spa Jewel: Count your blessings and don't sweat the small stuff.

Spa Jewel: Instant stress reliever - Take 10 deep breaths.

Spa Jewel: Want to reduce stress? Laugh at yourself!

Spa Jewel: Believe in yourself. A simple thought but key for reducing stress!

Spa Jewel: Forgive and forget. Very important for reducing stress!

Spa Jewel: Under stress? Look at the big picture. Situations often seem worse than they really are.

Spa Jewel: Stressed out? Learn to savor meals. Now THAT's easy!

Spa Jewel: A wonderful way to reduce stress - Watch a movie. Simple, isn't it?

Spa Jewel: What could be more relaxing than Sunday Brunch? Yes, the Sunday Brunch is making a comeback. So relax and enjoy!

Spa Jewel: A very simple way to relax - play with children. They're so innocent, unjaded. Makes you appreciate the simplest things in life!

Spa Jewel: Get some fresh air for an instant stress reducer. No wonder playing golf is so relaxing!

Spa Jewel: Plant a garden. There's nothing like communing with nature.

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