About Me

I have absolutely LOVED jewelry and fashion ever since I was a child.  I guess that's one of the reasons why I was chosen to be on the A&S (Abraham & Strauss - a wonderful old department store that closed a long time ago) Fashion Board when I was in high school. LOL. My mother loved jewelry, too.

I resisted making jewelry, however, because #1, a good friend of mine at the time got into it about 10 years ago before jewelry making became really popular;  #2, I didn't want a collection of all the tools, i.e. crimpers, pliers, wire, etc., cluttering up the house and #3, today it seems like "everyone" is beading, hey, even a kid can make nice jewelry. What could I possibly bring to the party? This was a huge concern since I always like to offer something "different."

However, there is the expression "what you resist, persists."  I was at a craft store one day and saw a clerk stocking a simple jewelry making kit. The kit was low cost so if I liked it fine, if not, I wasn't out of a lot of money.

Turns out I fell in love with the kit and the rest of history. I am now "hooked" on beading.  But more than that I have found a craft that not only allows me to express a God-given talent - massive creativity and ideas, but also, which totally integrates into my business -- Reflexology and Coaching.

My mother totally encouraged me with the jewelry-making.  In fact she was my biggest fan. At first I was going to focus on ribbon jewelry. -- wanting to keep this new found passion simple.  It was at my mother's urging that I branched out into making stretchy bracelets, earrings, necklaces and more.  The sky was the limit as far she she was concerned.

I refer to the jewelry as being Christian-inspired because I feel it is a talent that God has given to me. In addition, many of the pieces feature crosses, since I happen to love crosses. But all of the pieces are meant to be an expression of beauty and faith. It is my hope that whoever wears the jewelry will feel inspired for an even better life and future.  After all, Jesus said that we should cast our cares upon him and rest in his peace.  Wearing this beautiful jewelry is a wonderful way to do that, especially if you're a daughter involved iln caregiving.

I thank you for your consideration in ordering one of these inspired pieces. Each one is a testimony to God's goodness and graciousnesss in my life! And thanks Mom for being my Mom!

For more about Paula and her Reflexology /Coaching services please visit Ageless Living Coach and On Your Feet Coaching

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Mommy and Me.  I will never forget her and will always miss her. She was a beautiful lady inside and out!
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